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Convention Promotion

The Rotary Convention is our biggest event of the year! Use the promotion kit, videos, and the ideas below to make sure your members know about the 2021 convention in Taipei and the benefits of attending.

Promotion kit

The kit includes:

Convention logos

Promotional video

Watch and share our convention video

Promotion ideas

Designate a local promoter: Ask a member in your club or district to host a convention-themed table or to make a presentation to fellow members. Have them use assets from the promotional toolkit in their promotion efforts or forward the promotional email to other members.

Host a table: Inspire members by using the convention theme for a table at a club or district meeting or event. Print a few brochures to hand out, and draw attention by utilizing one of the pull-up banner templates to promote Taipei.

Give a presentation: At your next club or district meeting, show the promotion kit’s PowerPoint template. Add your own stories about conventions you’ve attended, what you learned or remember most, and why others should attend.

Use social media: Follow the Rotary International Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages and share posts about the convention. Use the guidelines and graphics in the promotion kit to promote the convention to your network, or on your club or district’s social media pages. And when you register for the convention, share your plans with friends.

Update your website: Club and district websites should include information about how to register for the convention. They could also feature the names of people from your area who’ve already registered, if they give permission to share that information. Utilize the promotion kit to brand your website with our suggested sample website copy or website banners.

Post it up: Help eliminate waste by digitally posting the convention flier or still ad at an upcoming club meeting, event, institute, or district conference.